The Process

Just Six Steps

Our goal is to help you collect as much health data as possible consistently & seamlessly.
Choose A Track

Choose a track that best fits your needs and complete the inquiry form with as much information as possible.

Review & Study Creation

We’ll review your inquiry and design a study around your health & lifestyle.

Study Review & Approval

You’ll have an opportunity to review the study and relay any feedback to us before approving the study.

Receive Your Kit

Receive your personalized tracking kit. You’ll have an opportunity to test everything before your study starts.

Complete Your Study

Start your study and complete it over the following 7 – 14 days. Your dedicated technician will be with you every step of the way.

Close Of Study & Analysis Of Data

Following the end of the study you’ll send us back your kit while we begin to analyze & package and you your data in a digestible format.

User Friendly Apps & Devices

We’ve chosen to support some of the most usable & well adopted apps and devices available.

Sterilized & Tested

We sterilize all devices on arrival back to our HQ & test them on arrival as well as before we send them out.

HIPAA Compliant

Our company & platform meet all of the physical, technical, and operational safeguards required to be HIPAA compliant

Adherence Reminders

Both manual & automated adherence reminders for protocol & treatments is a core part of our product offering.

About Our Solutions

Personalized Tracking Kit

We carefully select the apps & devices we use in our kit based on ease of use, hardware accuracy, and data exportability.


To Your Digital Helper

Our dedicated technicians are available on a daily basis to help with a variety of tasks. Our goal is to help you collect the maximum amount of data for the duration of your study.

Your End Result

Data Analysis & Packaging

At the end of your study our biostatisticians will review your data and help you make sense of it in a clear & digestible way.
Our biostatisticians will review your data and try to answer any questions you had at the beginning of the study or throughout it. They’ll also look for any interesting correlations across your dataset. We’ll only provide the results of the study & the correlations we find. We cannot and will not provide any medical advice as a part of this service.
We’ll create a patient profile for you and give you an idea of how you compare against the standards for people like you. We’ll pool together standards from a variety of health care organizations in order to provide you with an idea of how you compare to other like you.
We’ll aggregate all of our findings into an aesthetically pleasing and easy to digest report and send it to you. We’ll also send you your complete dataset as a CSV in case you want to manipulate your own data.


Select Something That Suits You

We’ve carefully designed our product offerings to make it easier for you to get started. Choose a track that resonates with you to learn more.
  • Athletics

    $ TBDYr

    • Optimize your training
    • Track 16 standard determinants
    • Up to 5 custom determinants
    • Get 7 questions answered
    • Up to 8 reminders per day

  • Chronic Condition

    $ TBDYr

    • Insights on your condition
    • Track 18 standard determinants
    • Up to 6 custom determinants
    • Get 8 questions answered
    • Up to 9 reminders per day

  • Custom Track

    $ InquireYr

    • Design your own custom study
    • ∞ standard determinants as you want
    • ∞ custom determinants
    • ∞ questions answered
    • ∞ reminders per day

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