Dedicated Technician

With you every step of the way


To Your Digital Helper

Our dedicated technicians are available on a daily basis to help with a variety of tasks. Our goal is to help you collect the maximum amount of data for the duration of your study.

Medical Background

All of our technicians have relevant medical training and experience. We value all of our customer’s privacy & understand that they are trusting our team with sensitive data.
Registered Nurses
All of our technicians are registered nurses with experience working with patients.
HIPAA Compliant
All of our technicians have gone through the appropriate HIPAA compliance training & certification.
Bedside Manner
Our technicians love what they do and respect how transparent our customers are with them.

Data Entry

We understand how tedious & time consuming it can be to log your data. Don’t worry, simply message our technicians the data you’d like to log and they’ll take care of the rest.
Message Your Technician

Anything from your meal information to how you’re feeling today.

Follow Up & Research

They’ll follow up with additional questions & research any information in order to ensure quality data input.

Application Entry

Finally, we’ll input the data into the appropriate app or directly into our digital health suite.

Daily Reminders

As part of your protocol your technician will message you periodically throughout the day to help you stay on top of logging your information.
Recommended Reminder

We’ll recommend times for reminders, though ultimately the decision will be up to you.

Follow Up Questions

We can set up certain reminders to have follow up questions depending on the answer you provide your technician.

Adherence Reminders

Want us to follow up with someone else incase you miss a reminder? We can do that.

Snooze Reminders

Busy? Just tell your technician to “Snooze” and they’ll remind you at the time of your choice.

If This, Then That

Create conditional reminders by having them linked to your determinants and choosing the conditions to be met.

Additional Reminders

Need more reminders than we’ve allocated? We can accommodate you for a nominal fee.

Data Management

We’ve trained our technicians in the best practices in data management for clinical research inspired by Good Clinical Data Management Practice (GCDMP) guidelines issued by the Society for Clinical Data Management (SCDM)

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